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LmofoJ's HQ

I love anything to do with the computer. I am far from a master, but i try. I also have an eclectic collection of music. I like anything that's good. You would be surprised what i like, but metal is my main type i like to listen slipknot is my all time favorite band here's there website if you'd like to check it out

Slipknot's Website

In my website of course it is all about me!
Lol hope that's not too conceited

I discovered numerous places and Software but this is the greatest so far it's pure p2p heaven


This is still an ongoing project so give me time and will have more on here. For now this is all i have

Here are some of my fave sites to visit
  1. This is my myspace
  2. This is where you can make your own Song playlist
  3. If your familiar with torrents to download Here's the site
  4. Here's 1 of my fave RPG's It is fucking awesome!! My name on Runescape is Gematria25 add me!!!